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Can’t Access Your Website, Email or Webmail?

TMDHosting - How to Unblock Your IP Address

IF you’re having an issue accessing your website, email or Webmail and are receiving a timeout or other error message that displays in your browser, your IP Address may be getting blocked by the hosting server.

How Did My IP Address Get Blocked?

While it’s can be a frustrating issue, IP Address blocking is an essential part of Internet security which typically occurs after repeated attempts to login to your email account or website via the WordPress login screen. There are a wide range of causes for IP Addresses being blocked, some of the more common being:

  • Possible web browser cache issues

  • Local firewall settings

  • DNS resolving issues

  • The IP Address provided by your Internet Service Provider has been blacklisted

Assuming that the overall issue of your IP Address not being blocked by any of the bulleted reasons above, please follow the instructions provided in an attempt to unblock your IP Address.

Get Your IP Address

First, go to to get your current IP address and make note of it or keep the window/tab open to copy and paste later.

Your IP Address will be the 4 blue numbers separated by a dot.

Login to Your TMDHosting Account

In order to unblock your IP address, you will need to login to your TMDHosting account to unblock it.

Login into your account by going to and by clicking on the Login button.

Enter your username and password and click Login.

TMDHosting Login Screen

Once you are logged in, click on Your Active Products/Services domain name.

TMDHosting Account Products & Services

Click on Unban IP Address under Manage Account.

TMDHosting - Your Active Products/Services

Enter or paste the IP Address from IP Chicken. Click Unban.

TMDHosting - Unban IP Address

After a few seconds, look in the upper right corner to see if your IP Address has been unbanned (unblocked).

If the message “This IP address is not banned.” displays, then the problem is not your IP address but could be one of the issues bulleted above.

Before doing anything else (such as attempting to login to your email), please visit your website to see if it displays. If it does, then the issue was that your IP Address was being blocked by the the hosting server; most likely having occurred because of too many failed email login attempts.

In order to avoid this issue in the future, please check and change your email application account settings.

Depending on what you are using for your email application, you may need to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for their SMTP settings in order to successfully send email.

To learn more about what you will need from your ISP, click here and scroll down to What server settings do I need from my email provider? and General Email Settings.