Mary Ann Dostaler, President

Marketing Maestro

Mary Ann Dostaler, President of MAD Communications

Words matter. And the words we choose to describe ourselves are the most important of all. I was inspired to strike out on my own as a creative free agent in 1997. Fast forward 26 years and the business I created is still going strong.

Today, MADComm has evolved with the digital age. Together with my husband and business partner, Kyle Dostaler, we have built a livelihood and a life working with clients and creative colleagues. More than anything my work is about finding meaning and creating connections.

Over the span of my professional career, I have worked in the corporate suite of a Fortune 500 company and in the crowded cubes of a tech start-up. But my years at one of the biggest ad agencies in Connecticut forged my love of the creative life.

  • Communications Strategy
  • Account Management
  • Writing

  • UX Information Architecture

  • Social Media

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